Reid My Mind Radio: Cradle – The Cancer Detecting Smart Phone App

“You make something, it works very well and then you just give it away, as quickly as possible”

– Bryan Shaw


Bryan Shaw, after watching his child survive Retinoblastoma or Eye Cancer, develops an app that is already saving lives and sight in children.


In this piece for Gatewave Radio and even more included on the RMM Radio version, you will hear all about this Professor’s story and how personal tragedy led to a life changing app.


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“Cheap, functional, reliable things unleash the creativity of people who then build stuff that you could not imagine” – George Whitesides


George Whitesides – TED Talk


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Learn more about those impacted by Retinoblastoma:


2 Responses to “Reid My Mind Radio: Cradle – The Cancer Detecting Smart Phone App”

  1. Even though this won’t help me now, it’s still an amazing app. Thanks for the podcast on it.

  2. T.Reid says:

    Glad you enjoyed… pass the information on you never know who it can help!