Reid My Mind Radio – A Quarter Story

March 12th, 2015  / Author: T.Reid

Even though I came to terms with what transpired I first felt uncomfortable about the idea of sharing this story. I think there’s a bigger picture here that has nothing to do with my ego! So here it is…”A Quarter Story”…



Reid My Mind Radio: The Making of a Champion

March 6th, 2015  / Author: T.Reid

Big shout out to Gatewave Radio for inviting me to produce this latest piece. I appreciate every opportunity I have to create audio. In this particular case I learned a very valuable lesson that will help me on my journey to become a better story teller.

Give this a listen and hear all about an upcoming interview…


Reid My Mind Radio Presents…


Reid My Mind Radio Oscars Week: The Blind Film Critic

February 18th, 2015  / Author: T.Reid

With so many misperceptions about blindness, high on the list is the question of suitable careers. Can blind people hold a job? How can blind people use a computer?

Tommy Edison is not only answering this question in his role as the Blind Film Critic, but he also has his own YouTube channel where he provides answers to other questions about blindness.

Here’s my interview with Tommy done for Gatewave Radio.

Reid My Mind Radio Presents…Tommy Edison, Blind Film Critic

Stevie Wonder Salute: Seriously? Close Your Eyes?

February 17th, 2015  / Author: T.Reid

Last night during the Salute to Stevie Wonder, the host, LL Cool J asked the audience including all of the viewers watching at home, to close their eyes “to share Stevie’s inner visions.” This request which supposedly came from Stevie was right before LL introduced Neo to perform “Isn’t She Lovely.”

As a Stevie fan for life, it’s hard for me to say this but honestly I thought this was whack.

I can’t understand the possible message here. Stevie celebrating the birth of his first daughter wrote this great song to share the incredible feeling of love he had for his child. The genius behind this song has nothing to do with the fact that he cannot see her face. It’s the ability to capture these feelings and put them into words and rhythm we can all feel. Stevie’s genius his totally based on his abilities. The fact that he is blind and had such incredible talent was Motown marketing. It was the obvious way to promote the young artist.

The bigger issue here for me and I’m sure others who advocate and promote the inclusion of people with vision loss in all aspects of society is the act of closing your eyes in no way simulates blindness. All you did is close your eyes.

Blindness is not simply the inability to see, in fact, most people who are blind are not totally blind. The issue that blindness presents is the lack of access to information. When the studio audience closed their eyes, they missed nothing. Host LL continued to speak and fully related the information.

With access to information, money, people and probably anything that each of these brings, chances are Stevie probably doesn’t have this issue. Now again, I need to say that I love Stevie, his music, his activism and his genuine love for humanity. I know he probably meant for something positive to come from the on air exercise.

With that said, I would challenge anyone interested in learning more about the issues faced by people with vision loss or those with disabilities not to simulate what it would be like to have the disability, but rather take a look at things you encounter every day to find the accessibility challenges.

For those taking public transportation, take a look and ask if the method is accessible to those with disabilities. Can a person in a wheel chair get on the bus or train? Chances are that train station either doesn’t have an elevator or it’s out of order. Does that software or web site that you use to perform your job functions, does it work with screen readers or magnification software? There have been improvements but the estimate is that 90 percent of public websites are not accessible. And if you think government sites are better, “Most VA websites Still Inaccessible to Blind Vets.

We’re not done. Out of the millions of people watching last night’s program who closed their eyes, chances are some of them have the ability to employ some of the 50 to 70 percent of the blind people currently under or unemployed.

Last night’s performance was one of the first to include audio description to help provide information to those with vision loss. Big shout out to Stevie for his advocacy in helping to make this possible. Unfortunately, turning on SAP, which carries the description audio, is a process that requires sited assistance for most since the selection is often buried in an onscreen menu. For the record, it didn’t work with Optimum Cablevision in the Bronx where I watched the program.

Stevie has done so much for this world and I selfishly hope he will be blessed to continue for many years to come. I would just like to see the “close your eyes” segment used to start a real conversation that can lead to some much needed changes in how we as a culture view blindness and disability.


Reid My Mind Radio Oscars Week: Audio Description

February 16th, 2015  / Author: T.Reid

With the Academy Awards set to air on February 22, I’ll feature two movie related posts this week.

First up, a segment on Audio Description. This was produced for Gatewave Radio. I hoped to educate others within the blindness community who may not be as informed about the latest technology has to offer. I also hope it will spark some to venture out and try the service created to improve movie watching for those with vision loss.

Reid My Mind Radio Presents…Audio Description

A Salute to Stevie Wonder Includes Audio Description

February 13th, 2015  / Author: T.Reid

This Monday February 16, CBS will broadcast “Stevie Wonder Songs in the Key of Life an All-star Grammy Salute.”  I’ve been looking forward to this program for a few months now. In fact, I even added it to my calendar to assure I don’t forget.

Obviously as a big Stevie fan I’m interested in just about anything related to his work. This show combines another one of my interests and a passion of Stevie’s…Audio Description.

This broadcast will feature Audio description assisting those of us with vision loss; enabling us to have information about the parts of the program with no dialog. This isn’t the first time Stevie included description in a musical performance. His “What the Fuss” video included narration written by WGBH Media Access Group and voiced by Busta Rhymes.

Mark your calendars, Monday Feb. 16 @ 9PM!

Reid My Mind Radio Presents: The Rizzle Razzle Show

December 30th, 2014  / Author: T.Reid

I guess this radio bug is contagious?

Familiar with the yearend review shows counting down their selection of favorite songs, movies and more; my girls decided to create their own show where they do the same.

So in the spirit of Joe Jackson I forced them to go into my studio and record their show. Like the Jackson 5 patriarch I’m hoping this could be my retirement fund. Seriously, it was a lot of fun watching them prepare and execute their idea.

On this final day of 2014 I am proud to pass the mic to my baby girls…

Reid My Mind Radio Presents, The Rizzle Razzle Show!


Reid My Mind Radio – Was This A Dis?

December 29th, 2014  / Author: T.Reid

Adjusting to blindness requires learning many different skills. One of the most interesting and challenging for me revolve around interacting with people. Mainly those who demonstrate a level of uncomfort or at least it appears as such. Listen to this latest experience and let me know if you think…   Reid My Mind Radio Presents:  

Don’t Call it a Podcast

December 17th, 2014  / Author: T.Reid

Continuing with audio, I decided to run or maybe just jog a bit with this concept of Reid My Mind Radio! The idea is to create a place where I can share various things I produce. My goal is simply to improve and have fun doing it. Getting something picked up and aired would be cool too! In fact… I recently produced a story for Gatewave Radio – a reading service for those who are print impaired. This includes people with vision loss and other disabilities. They broadcast on the internet and through special radios that receive a transmission available in specific locations 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Volunteers read over 100 periodicals and the station broadcasts to the NYC tri state area as well as the patient bedside of more than 60 hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, in assisted living facilities and to listeners in 28 states through more than 50 affiliated stations.  

Read My Mind Radio Presents…



Songs in the Key of life

December 5th, 2014  / Author: T.Reid

It only makes sense that I share the Reid families experience at the 2014 Stevie Wonder Songs in the Key of Life Concert in audio.

This concert meant a great deal to me not just as a lifelong Stevie fan, but as a Dad.

If you enjoy listening half as much as I enjoyed attending the concert and then re-living it with my girls, then you’re welcome!

And now, “Reid My mind Radio…”