PCB Knows How To Party

October 21st, 2014  / Author: T.Reid

Ever since attending my first Pennsylvania Council of the Blind Convention & Conference, in some form or another, I have been involved with the planning and program creation. For the past few years I have been fortunate enough to serve as the Convention Coordinator.

One of the benefits of this position is I can assign myself a role. This year, once again, Marlett and I co-hosted a Saturday night Team Trivia. So I decided to not only make sure the crowd had fun, but I too decided to go in hard!

Marlett’s responsibility; finding the right mix of questions. She served as the hostess with the mostest; reading the questions and managing the trivia game process. I got to focus on in between round fun. This included the now famous, Rapid Fire Name That Tune. In this game I play a mix of 10 songs each lasting about 10 seconds. Contestants have to name the song title and artist before the song advances.

The real fun came when I had the chance to involve the entire crowd with random songs.

One thing I often think about is the mis-conceptions some have about not only people with vision loss but in general people with disabilities. I’m sure for some the idea of people who are blind having a good time laughing, dancing singing…seems out of the norm. Some may think that partying with this crowd would be a bore; you are so far from the truth. People like to have a good time. And my crew at PCB truly knows how to party. I’ve been around and have done my share of partying. I am very comfortable saying I would choose a PCB party any day. As long as they let me DJ!

PennyPushUps 2014 – The Shout Outs

October 1st, 2014  / Author: T.Reid

Thirty days of September have come and gone. World Childhood Cancer month concludes and I am happy to report another successful #PennyPushUps is in the history books. Well, maybe not the books, but definitely here on Reid My Mind.

If you’re interested in how much we raised go ahead and press play.

Just as important, we reached new people unfamiliar with Retinoblastoma. The potential of this is great. One of these individuals could see the first sign of eye cancer in a child’s photo and help save a life and or sight.

The rest of the shout outs are in the video! I’m going to go take a nap now!


PennyPushUps 2014 Day 30: Freestyle Finale

September 30th, 2014  / Author: T.Reid

“It ain’t over ‘til it’s over!”


We continue striving in our effort to support children with eye cancer. You can help make a difference. It’s easy…just go to www.pennypushups.org and complete the quick form. Donate what you can, we’re only asking for 1 penny per push-up; we completed 3,000 so that’s only $30. Less than two people going to a movie.


Please help us support children with eye cancer! Donate!!!!!



PennyPushUps 2014 Day 29 – One Girl’s Challenge

September 29th, 2014  / Author: T.Reid

Less than 48 hours to show your support for children with eye cancer.


Do it now…donate!


PennyPushUps 2014 Day 28: Birthday Wishes

September 28th, 2014  / Author: T.Reid

As I blow out my 46 candles later this evening, here’s what I will include with my birthday wishes…


Please donate; support children with eye cancer.


PennyPushUps 2014 Day 27: Show Me, Siri

September 27th, 2014  / Author: T.Reid

As if the donating process wasn’t easy enough, today I show you how Siri can help. Really! Check it out and then donate; support children with eye cancer.


PennyPushUps 2014 Day 26: Famous Friday

September 26th, 2014  / Author: T.Reid

Our RB celebrity today is on the right course…the golf course. Press play to see who it is!

Then support DECF; donate!!!


PennyPushUps 2014 Day 25: Straight Leg genes

September 25th, 2014  / Author: T.Reid

No not denim. We’re talking about the basic building blocks of life here. Well at least as it relates to RB.


Please help us support children with eye cancer! Donate!!!!!


PennyPushUps 2014 Day 24: RB Treatments

September 24th, 2014  / Author: T.Reid

What are some of the treatment options children and parents must endure following a diagnosis of Retinoblastoma?

Press play and find out.


Please help us support children with eye cancer! Donate!!!!!


PennyPushUps 2014 Day 23 – RB X-Men

September 23rd, 2014  / Author: T.Reid

In the movies, my kind is depicted as super heroes with extraordinary powers. In reality, well this is true, but most don’t know it…


Today, I’m sharing some interesting information about forms of RB and the gene mutation. That’s right, yours truly is an X-Man! My super power…push-ups!

Please help us support children with eye cancer! Donate!!!!!