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In 2004, while working as an IT developer, Thomas lost his sight as a result of Cancer. Disturbed by the lack of accessibility                 he helped launch a local advocacy organization. He later pursued a dormant interest in audio production in order to help promote topics pertaining to vision loss.


With a strong focus on audio, Reid My Mind is a platform for Thomas to share interviews, stories, opinions in all media formats.

“It’s the message that concerns me, not the medium. It’s just talk if I complain about the lack of coverage or the negative portrayal  of my peer groups; African Americans, those with Vision Loss, and in general anyone interested in sharing more positive images of the world. So this is my way to try and make a small difference.”


Thomas  ,born and raised in the Bronx, New York currently lives in the Poconos in Pennsylvania with his beautiful wife and two amazing daughters.


*Email:                    ReidMyMindRadioat Gmail

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*G-Voice:               570 79T-REID oh snap, check out that vanity #!!