Reid My Mind Radio – Mr. Biggs – The Opera

This latest production for Gatewave Radio about Brandon Keith Biggs, an Opera singing blind student studying abroad in Italy is really more…

His story is really just about him living his life on his terms.


This also gave me a chance to take a different approach at telling his story.


Take a listen for more…


Then go ahead and check out Mr. Biggs for yourself.




2 Responses to “Reid My Mind Radio – Mr. Biggs – The Opera”

  1. Sonja Biggs says:

    Thank you for this wonderful interview of Brandon Keith Biggs. He is my son and I am very proud of his accomplishments. Many blessings to you in your work.

  2. T.Reid says:

    So glad you enjoyed! It was a lot of fun talking to Brandon. I hope to do a follow up when he’s world famous! 🙂