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PCB Knows How To Party

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Ever since attending my first Pennsylvania Council of the Blind Convention & Conference, in some form or another, I have been involved with the planning and program creation. For the past few years I have been fortunate enough to serve as the Convention Coordinator.

One of the benefits of this position is I can assign myself a role. This year, once again, Marlett and I co-hosted a Saturday night Team Trivia. So I decided to not only make sure the crowd had fun, but I too decided to go in hard!

Marlett’s responsibility; finding the right mix of questions. She served as the hostess with the mostest; reading the questions and managing the trivia game process. I got to focus on in between round fun. This included the now famous, Rapid Fire Name That Tune. In this game I play a mix of 10 songs each lasting about 10 seconds. Contestants have to name the song title and artist before the song advances.

The real fun came when I had the chance to involve the entire crowd with random songs.

One thing I often think about is the mis-conceptions some have about not only people with vision loss but in general people with disabilities. I’m sure for some the idea of people who are blind having a good time laughing, dancing singing…seems out of the norm. Some may think that partying with this crowd would be a bore; you are so far from the truth. People like to have a good time. And my crew at PCB truly knows how to party. I’ve been around and have done my share of partying. I am very comfortable saying I would choose a PCB party any day. As long as they let me DJ!