BC Update: Snail Mail?

In this week’s note to Blog Carnival Support (Also known as Denise!) I explained that I have taken to of all things, snail mail.

After emailing Brad Rubenstein, a founder and CTO of Blog Carnival, I left a voice mail asking him to discuss this issue with me. I have not received a response from either so I wrote and sent a letter to him, again hoping for a response.

I’m not sure if the address information I have for him is current, it is based on the resume posted on his website, www.bradrubenstein.com.
I don’t honestly feel this issue should be dropped. It’s not about access for me individually, it’s not about access to the one site, it’s about the way BC decided to simply ignore the request. It’s about working to  make accessibility a component of every website, every consumer electronic and brick and mortar establishment. Maybe this is an unrealistic goal, but then again sometimes reality sucks and needs to be changed!

Note to Denise below
—– Original Message —–
To: “Blog Carnival” <support@blogcarnival.com <mailto:support@blogcarnival.com>>
Sent: Sunday, May 18, 2008 12:54 PM
Subject: Blog Carnival Should do the right thing.

Dear Denise,

My latest attempt to discuss Blog Carnival’s refusal to make their
submission form accessible, snail mail. In addition to sending email and
voice mail to Brad Rubenstein, I have sent off a letter to the address on
his resume posted on his web site, www.bradrubenstein.com <http://www.bradrubenstein.com>.

One would think every day it gets more difficult to remain optimistic that a
positive outcome will eventually occur. However, I not only remain
optimistic, the negative feedback in the way of the lack of response from
Blog Carnival’s management is fueling my persistence.

Denise, if you have not made BC management/owners aware of this issue, you
can help bring this to a close by informing them of the multiple requests
made by myself and others. I truly believe that management will make a
commitment to resolving this issue. If not, I believe at the very least, an
official statement as to why they are not interested in providing access is

I hope to hear from a member of the BC management team.


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