Treated Unfairly? Here’s Why You’re Sore

Apparently doctor’s have linked unfair treatment to the specific section of the brain that is associated with negative emotions. This study confirms that people are happier with fair treatment compared to financial gain.


Inaccessibility to information, whether websites, printed information, transportation or the need to fight for this access, in my humble opinion, sounds like unfair treatment.


It’s this unfair treatment that disables people with disabilities, not the lack of a physical function.


The study found that when individuals were  forced to deal with unfair treatment:

essentially swallowing their pride, we could see a down regulating of the indignity response in the brain,


Maybe this is why I am not going to let go of Blog Carnival’s refusal to discuss their use of visual CAPTCHA and the impact on people who are blind or visually impaired. Here is a History of the Blog Carnival CAPTCHA issue.


Check out the article from

 Treated Unfairly? Here’s Why You’re Sore


Coincidentally, May1st marked

Blogging Against Disablism Day 2008.


For those not familiar with the term  Disablism, essentially a prejudice towards people with disabilities. See "WHERE PREJUDICE, DISABILITY AND ?DISABLISM ? MEET" from the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund

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