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This application currently being developed, reads aloud data associated with an RFID tag in order to provide individuals with information not just about a product, but rather a physical place.


From the article:

The tool can aid not only the blind, but sighted people too. "Basically the idea is that the person’s walking journey can be enhanced by providing contextual information along the route," project manager Stewart explains. "It could be deployed in any context – in a building, in a city, an arboretum, who knows?"


The developers are smart to already begin marketing this product universally as opposed to classifying solely as Assistive Technology. This can help not only to increase their profits, but also help keep the cost affordable and therefore accessible to those who can benefit from it’s use.


I can see many possibilities for this technology. For example, imagine you are a collector of vinyl records. While visiting a new town you decide to take a walk through the downtown area. Before setting out, you set an alert that will notify you of any stores tagged with "Vinyl Records, Music Collectibles, Disc Jockey…" While walking past various restaurants and shops,  your cell phone announces, "Match found to Vinyl Records. Bobo’s House of Collectibles, 213 3rd Ave."



I wrote a post some time ago where I talked about this sort of technology being used by my fictional (for now)robot guide Belvy.

Possible uses for the blind community;

  • Landmark assistance for navigation
  • Navigating Malls and Office Buildings
  • Access to restaurant Menus
  • Locating specific items in a store
  • Provide "browsing"



I think this technology can be so useful if properly used. In case you were wondering, I am not a fan of tagging humans with RFID chips. That’s a scary thought!


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