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Let’s Stop Sleeping On Sleep

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

In this episode, I’m considering how we look at sleep and the impact that the lack of it can have on the adjustment process.

TReid sleeping on a large rock during a bright sunny day while in the background the Niagara Falls flows.

Courtesy of Raven Reid

I share some of my own experience with Non 24 Hour Sleep Wake Disorder and how that can impact the adjustment process and subsequently a person’s independence. Find out how The Dave Chappelle Show relates to all of this.

Just in time for an independence celebration!



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What’s up Reid My Mind Radio Family?
It’s your brother T.Reid here bringing you another episode of the podcast. You know the one that brings you stories or profiles of compelling people impacted by blindness, low vision, disability.

Today’s episode is one of the occasional times when I share my own experience adjusting to blindness.

It’s one of those things I think many people who are blind deal with but for those of us who become blind as an adult, we really notice the difference. Well at least that’s my experience.

That’s up next!
Let’s go!

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When we talk about the loss of access to things that impact a person’s quality of life following vision loss, transportation, information and career opportunities come to mind.

Here’s one we don’t often consider

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In 2004not too long after becoming Blind, I began having problems sleeping. Real problems. Not falling asleep but rather staying asleep at night. The consequence was I had problems staying awake during the day.

Usually late morning around 11 AM, my body would let me know it was preparing to go to sleep and there would be nothing I could do to stop it. I’d feel my temperature suddenly drop often to the point that I’d shake with chills. I’d struggle to make it to my bed where I’d often fall across rather than in.

It wasn’t just that I was too tired to get into the bed, but I didn’t plan to sleep for long.

Getting into the bed in the middle of the day well I thought that would make me be considered lazy and unproductive.

Prior to 2004 one of my motto’s was I’ll sleep when I’m dead!

Yeh, I was that guy!

Following years of my body being deprived of sleep, I honestly believed the lack of sleep would eventually kill me. I stopped going to sleep as often in the middle of the day. Not because I didn’t feel the need, nah, I had to stay awake when I returned to work.

Working from home, honestly, I could have rigged away to make sleep during the day possible. Occasionally I’d find myself waking up 20 – 30 minutes after putting my head down on my desk for what I thought was a few seconds.

This pattern continued for years.

Even though I was working from home, for me, my body’s need for sleep felt like laziness because I was uninformed.

Fortunately today we have a name for this; Non 24 Hour Sleep Wake Disorder or Non24 for short.

Basically… we all have a master body clock that gets reset every day by environmental light that’s detected by the eye and signals the brain There’s an access issue. For those who are totally Blind, the method to get the reset signal to the brain no longer exists.

Rather than getting into specific details of Non24, my purpose today is to share my experience specifically for those impacted. That’s the person who is now blind as well as their family members or those they live with who will inevitably be effected by the mood swings, the difficulty concentrating and the almost narcoleptic like sleep attacks.

I’m here for those who are constantly falling asleep during family get togethers, trips to the movies or even worse intimate conversations.

Someone who loses their sight for whatever reason, chances are they’re dealing with reduced independence, , possibly loss of a job and often even friends and loved ones who may no longer come around.

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I looked forward to sleep in the early days of my vision loss.

My dreams gave me access. I could freely walk without a cane or guide, easily finding people and things without a need for assistance and even regaining the anonymity I no longer seemed to have in public spaces during my time awake.

Sleep wasn’t about escaping my reality, rather it was a way to help process all of the things running through my mind. Waking up after a full night’s sleep is what helped me eventually realize I didn’t lose as much as I thought I did.

I’m no scientist, but I’d bet there’s a relationship between good sleep, hope, possibility and optimism.

I had several opportunities to talk with others about their experience with Non24. Those who were either congenitally Blind or Blind from a young age often just assumed their experience was the norm.

Several people who grew up attending schools for the Blind shared the experience of being chastise by teachers for falling asleep in class.

Others recalled how some of their most productive time growing up was during the night when they should have been asleep. These are probably some of the same people who today as adults feel their productivity is increased because they make good use of their time awake in the middle of the night while others are asleep.

I’ll never forget a young lady’s story of working at a call center where she would sometimes uncontrollably fall asleep only to have her supervisor whack her on the hand with a ruler or some object. She desperately wanted to keep her job, but her sleep cycle was off more than it was on during any given month.

It’s more than sleep!

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I know people in my circle at times felt I had a bad attitude and probably attributed that to just me now being Blind and angry.

Yes, I was moody! I wasn’t getting the rest that my body desperately needed.

Blind people have been dealing with this for lifetimes.

I dealt with it for about 8 years and reached a point where I just knew I couldn’t take it anymore. I was literally losing time. Meaning I’d fall asleep and have no idea I fell asleep.

I wonder about that stereotype of the angry Blind guy. He just may be the sleepy Blind guy!

I’m not making any excuses for moodiness or bad behavior. We all have to be responsible, but for those going through it, Non 24 or any significant consistent sleep deprivation for any reason can feel like you no longer have any control.

Audio: Comedy Central Promo for Dave Chappelle Show

One night, I wanted to watch the Dave Chappelle show on Comedy Central. It was about 10:25 and the show aired at 10:30.

I sat on the edge of the bed in front of the television in a very awkward position. I knew if I laid in the bed and tried to wait for it I’d fall asleep with less than 5 minutes before the start of the show.

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Finally it was 10:29 and the Comedy Central voice over announced the show was up next.


With only about 20 seconds left before the start of the show I thought, I made it.

There was no way I’d fall asleep during the show because I knew I’d be thoroughly entertained. As I sat in this awkward position I decided to stretch my back and quickly laid back on the bed during what I figured was the final commercial before the start of the show.

Audio: The Dave Chappelle Show begins in normal speed and is sped up.


I fell asleep in probably less than 20 seconds and remained knocked out for a half hour.
– Applause
– Dave Chappelle Show Closing…


The next thing I knew, I heard the closing of the show.

– No, No, No! TReid….

Audio: The Dave Chappelle Show closing harmonica!


Eventually, I’d come to find this story funny.

At the time though it really hurt because I realized I truly had no control over my sleep.

If it was just about missing a television show that wouldn’t bother me much but I was noticing small gaps in my memory. I was struggling to create and focus. The mood swings were impacting my family.

Finally, in 2012 I joined the Sleep Study that lead to the release of a drug to help those with Non24.

This episode isn’t about promoting the drug to help those with Non24.

However, my business manager says we are open to endorsement deals and a name and number can be inserted for future episodes if interested.

The business manager can be reached at

You may wonder what exactly prompted me to talk about this now. I you caught the timeline, I began experiencing Non24 in 2004 and said it was 8 years later when I reached that rock bottom.

Some changes in insurance this year and some good old fashioned bureaucracy left me without a way to manage my body’s Arcadian Rhythm.

I found myself once again experiencing some of the same problems. Yes, a bit of moodiness, drifting to sleep and some real brain fog that makes concentrating a real chore. I’m still finding my way out of that fog. Once again, I’m dreaming.

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Finally,, let me wish all of you a very Happy Independence Day.

I’m not really talking about celebrating the Fourth of July and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. I’m talking about those who have experienced severe vision loss at any time. Those who experienced an acquired disability.

Those who find that they now have to do things differently, no matter whether that means using a form of technology, a technique or personal assistance.

I’m speaking to those who may have been born Blind or disabled and continue to assert their independence or work towards gaining more.

or came to a realization that their individual independence was reduced and decided to do something to gain or regain as much as possible.

Independence is defined by the individual. I can’t tell someone what should make them an independent person.

Whatever it is, sleep deprivation can negatively impact any activity and therefore can reduce a person’s independence.

If you find yourself dealing with this, I guess I just want you to know you are not alone. I know I felt that way at 1, 2 or 3 AM sitting up while it felt as though the rest of the world was asleep.

I’m not telling you what to do. Some people find over the counter remedies like Melatonin help them. Others alter their lifestyle and say it works for them. I have what works for me and I just hope you too can find something to work for you.

Again, I’m not recommending anything, but I am open to having a conversation that would include my specific recommendation or at least me sharing the name of what works for me. At least this is what my business manager recommends.

If you deal with Non24 or some other sleep disorder and have a specific method that works for you I’d love to hear about it. Let me tell you how to contact me… but before that a brief reminder there’s only one way to make sure you don’t miss an episode…


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