Stevie Wonder: Dancing with the Stars? Me Too!

I had a chance to catch Stevie Wonder on the Ellen Show this past Friday.

Ellen asked Stevie if the rumor about him appearing on Dancing with the Stars was true.

Stevie says he may do it. I think he’s trying to lose some weight first. He also mentioned he is working on a project to bring dancing to people who are blind.

I’m sure if Stevie is involved this endeavor will draw significant media attention. As Stevie jokingly, but yet very aware of the media, imitated and announcer promoting Stevie on Dancing with the Stars said "He’s tall, bo legged, blind he won’t fall off the stage…"

Could Stevie’s endeavor be a show like Dancing with the Stars that features people who are blind? If so, it’s important that the end result looks good and presents positive images. With Stevie involved, I’m sure it would. So,I thought I’d get a jump on the application process and submit my qualification’s for such a show.

A few highlights;

  • No professional dance experience – a professional would bring negative press, an obvious ringer
  • Born and raised in the Bronxx, NY also known as the "Boogie Down Bronx" it just comes with the territory. The home of Hip Hop, B-Boys, Break Dancing. I don’t break, but I can Pop/Electric Boogie. (Yeh, I said it, what!)
  • I have Latin blood. Mi Madre soy Boriqua! Salsa or a Merenque, it’s over for the competition.
  • My look is a bit different from what people perceive when they think "blind" – at least that’s what everyone says. (Please don’t ask what that means right now, I’m busy selling this idea to Stevie.) Athletically framed, shiny bald head , brown skin with a black eye patch. If necessary I can show the tat!
  • Some may say I am slightly competitive! Ok truth be told, when it comes to competition, I gotta win!

My oldest daughter who was watching the show with me immediately said "Daddy that’s for you!" She knows what she’s talking about, she and my youngest both get their dancing skills from me.

So, Stevie, when you’re ready to make this event look good, just holla, I’m there!

And if you do Dancing with the Stars, I’m there too – let’s push for some Audio Description so we in the blind community can enjoy the show!


Check out the segments of Stevie on Ellen via Honey Soul Music.

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