Rock Band Drum Kit Accessibility Mod

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Now this is cool! After hearing about someone’s desire to play the video game Rock Band, some folks at  Kinetic Communications LLP, hooked up the drum set.


From the site:

One of our clients with Lakeshore Foundation is an aspiring Rock Star who happens to be in a wheelchair. She was disappointed because the kickpedal feature on the drums cannot be disabled within the game. A team member heard of her wish and set to work on finding a more access-friendly solution.


So, I have this friend who would love to sing lead, but she needs accessible lyrics. Any takers!


Really, it’s for a friend! I’m waiting for the Funk Band edition. Now then, I’m taking on drums, bass, guitar and lead vocals.


If you are interested in “accessifying” your Rock Band drum kit, check out: kinetic communications – channel k – rock band drum kit accessibility mod.


Nice job kinetic!


Thanks to

Gizmodo for posting this.

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