Movies For the Blind

I have previously posted about how I truly enjoy movies with audio description. My first experience with description, Die Hard 4, truly gave me the full movie experience. I didn’t even fall asleep during the scenes without dialog!

Recently a good friend provided “live” description via telephone during the last season of HBO’s “The Wire.” This was either the second or third season I watched since losing my sight. It was great! There were so many instances during prior seasons I was left hanging without any information. I wish I had description during the earlier seasons.

Well, there has been someone providing description for movies within the public domain since October 2007.

Movies for the is not just for people who are blind, as their tag line says:

enjoy films without looking at a screen

The founder and Narrator Valerie Hunter, has this to say about description:

Well, this is a podcast of public-domain films where I’ve added something called “audio description,” which is additional narration telling people who are vision-impaired important visual elements of a show as they happen, helping the film tell its story. This means everyone can listen to it like an audiobook.

I would love to hear what everyone, regardless of their visual acuity,has to say about these movies.

Go on over to and check it out.

Big shout out to Valerie Hunter for putting together this podcast. Nice work! So nice, I am posting twice – cross post to MCCB

One Response to “Movies For the Blind”

  1. Jake Joehl says:

    Hi T. I, too, love taking in an audio-described movie. I have some here at my apartment, and my sister who is blind has some. She still lives with our parents not too far from me. Our brother is also blind and enjoys these movies. We’ve been getting them ever since their inception in the early 1990’s. I used to watch movies without the audio narration but I would always fall asleep. Now I watch nothing but audio-described movies and other programming. This service is truly wonderful, and I hope it stays around for years to come!