Looking Forward

I decided to make one of the boldest moves of the last few years…I will publish my goals for the upcoming year 2007.

. Ok, for some that may not seem like much, but think about it, millions of people, potentially, can check on my progress. Even worse, family and friends that I know read this blog will see these things I want to accomplish and probably ask about my progress. I invite and encourage you each to publish your goals for the New Year, so uh; I am not the only fool putting it out on the limb.

Let’s get into it.

These are not in any particular order.

Physical Fitness

I want to get back into the physical shape I was once in.  For those who may not know, I was once the model for the “Damn that’s a Hot Brother Club.” Ok, well maybe in my own mind, which is where it really counts. Seriously, since losing my sight and all of the changes that come along with it and living in a rural area as I do, I am not as physically active as I once was. I won’t go into specifics about my past routine, but let’s just say I could definitely hang with some highly conditioned people.

So the specific goal in this case is not to get my weight down, but rather my physical activity up. The result will be weight loss and improved fitness.

Travel independently

I remember getting in a car, walking through an airport, finding a taxi and getting to a hotel in a new city. I did this on many occasions for work. The thought of doing this I must confess is both exciting and scary as hell. It is done flawlessly by many blind people, why not me. I don’t know if I will have the opportunity to travel for work, but I can however do things on a local level that will enable me to build this skill. – This is big!

My Daughters

I was recently talking to a friend of mine who is expecting his first child in 2007. He found out that it is a girl. As I was professing the joys of having girls, I began to think about the changes I have had to make in order to continue with my plans for having a strong relationship with my daughters.

When I was sighted I had a day specifically dedicated to hanging out with my daughter – Daddy Daughter Day. We would venture out, just the two of us at that time, to movies, museums or long walks or drives. The event was never the headliner, it was all about spending time with her. While I am not in the position to do this in exactly the same way, I would like to bring back Daddy Daughter Day. In some ways we do on occasion, 2007 should be the year to revitalize this day and strengthen our relationship even further.


I have so many goals for the organization that I am affiliated with – Monroe County Council of the Blind

When I think about what we are doing, I can’t help but realize that it is truly an up hill battle. There are some causes in the world that can be considered fashionable. Think of Lance Armstrong’s fight to raise money for cancer research, the various celebrities that support the movement to eradicate AIDS. Bringing awareness to the public on issues that many would probably never realize exist. I am not talking about;

 The overwhelming 70% unemployment rate for blind people

The in accessibility of paper currency, voting, transportation etc

I am mainly referring to a silent and subtle prejudice that is buried so deep in our beliefs, many are not aware of its existence. How do you tell someone to change something that in their eyes is unseen?

For many, the mere inability to see translates into something so much more. If you can’t see, you are obviously helpless in all areas. Look at how the word disability ( used to describe blind people) is defined in Google.

A disadvantage or deficiency, especially a physical or mental impairment that interferes with or prevents normal achievement in a particular area.

Something that hinders or incapacitates.

Law.  A legal incapacity or disqualification.


One of the objectives of the Monroe County Council of the Blind is to educate and bring awareness to the mis-conceptions associated with blindness.

Blind people are not excused from   believing and embracing negative stereotypes. Some of the worst offenders have been blind people believing they or their peers are unable to perform various acts simply because they cannot see.

Ok, well, I guess you see where I really want to focus my energy this year.

So not only do I invite you all to share your 2007 resolution/goals with others, I invite you to check in on me every now and then and simply ask “Yo, Tee, how are the goals coming along?” If I try to avoid the conversation then I guess you know where I stand with a particular goal.

Nah, seriously, let’s make it happen!

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