iVisit: Emerging technology to Aid the visually impaired

CTIA Wireless  has recognized a product that will aid the visually impaired community..


From Business Wire…

iVisit SeeStar offers persons who are visually impaired access to a remote sighted assistant. Using a camera enabled PDA phone visually impaired users can transmit live video to remote assistants on a desktop computer who can in turn provide audio guidance to describe the user’s surroundings, pointing the location of salient landmarks, pathways to destinations, or locating and recognizing objects and signs.


When any Access Technology product is recognized by the mainstream, this aids development for future products.


  • Developers realize their is a market
  • Programmers become interested in working on new technology
  • Users receive a useful and  affordable product ()If marketed to multiple segments of the population


Good luck iVisit! I hope to hear more about this in the future.

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