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Zithromax Cost, First of all, let me say, I have always like the way New York State Governor Patterson conducted himself. I remember when he was a State Senator from Harlem, Zithromax cost, Get Zithromax, and he wasn't afraid to align himself with those standing up in cases opposing police brutality.


This article from the - New York Times, titled A Blind Governor Adjusts, Zithromax no rx, Purchase Zithromax online no prescription, and So Does Albany, illustrates areas that present Governor Patterson with an opportunity to use Access Technology (AT) as a way to increase productivity and independence, Zithromax canada, mexico, india. Zithromax from canadian pharmacy,


Since he cannot read from a prompter, the governor tries to commit his speeches to memory, Zithromax street price, Buy Zithromax without prescription, by listening several times to an aide’s recording of the speech.


AT: A Note taker 

Braille mPower by Humanware 

PAC Mate from Freedom Scientific


These are just two examples of note takers that enable people who are blind or visually impaired to perform tasks such as word processing, email and several other functions, order Zithromax from United States pharmacy. Zithromax used for, They each offer either Braille or speech output. Combine this with a blue tooth headphone and The Gov can use as a reference  when giving speeches, Zithromax treatment. Effects of Zithromax,


Given the volume of material he must take in, he tries to find ways to do things faster, doses Zithromax work. Zithromax pics, He listens to very long articles or books on a special tape recorder for the blind that plays at speeds so fast, it is difficult for others to comprehend, Zithromax pictures. “You get used to listening to that Alvin and the Chipmunks voice,” he said.


AT: The Victor Reader Stream

I previously wrote about my intimate feelings regarding this product I affectionately call My Sweet Vicky. It's a Digital Book Reader that will bring the Gov into the age of Daisy Talking Books and mp3's rather than the clunky cassettes.


Just a thought!


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