Daddy Daughter Love With A Beat

If you’re not familiar with TED Talks by now, you really should head over and give the site a browse. TED is the acronym for Technology Engineering and Design. It features presentations or Talks, from leaders in areas usually focusing on one of the three disciplines. The original TED has spawned other smaller presentations all over the globe.

I recently came across a presentation by a father daughter team on the subject of beat boxing. At first glance, I took issue with the presentation for different reasons;

  • It doesn’t align with the more cerebral TED Talks
  • While TED presentations have some diversity, to feature African American’s beatboxing can be viewed as offensive
  • I personally view beatboxing as an art form; one of the underrated elements of Hip Hop, however, these two aren’t necessarily a great representative of the art form based on the performance in the video


These were my thoughts in the first 15 to 25 seconds of watching the video. However, for the duration of the video…I loved this Daddy Daughter Duo!

I watched a Dad who by my account used his love of a low tech beatboxing to engineer his way into developing a strong bond with his daughter. In my opinion all good relationships are by design. They may start off by chance, but they take real work to build.

Speaking from my own experience developing relationships with my daughters, I use whatever I have at my disposal to create a time for us to just hang together…low tech – beats and rhymes at the dinner table, conversations about current affairs and their historical implication, knock knock jokes. Modern, recording audio/video, listening to podcasts, watching movies, jam sessions…

Give this a watch and let me know if you don’t see the love between a Daddy and his Daughter…Big shout out to this Dad, great design Sir! #DaddyDaughterDay in full effect!


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