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Reid My Mind Radio: Do You Believe in Magic

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

“Rule 1: Nothing is impossible!”

As I was preparing to interview a magician who performs on the streets of New York City among other places; I learned of another magician on the west coast. It just so happens, they’re both blind.

Picture of both Magicians shuffling cards...Chad Allen & Justin Sight

In this RMMR version of a piece produced for Gatewave Radio, I include a bit of sample magic that requires no vision. It follows the piece so stay tuned!


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I’m in the process of making this an official podcast so hopefully by the next episode, if not before, Reid My Mind Radio will be available via your favorite podcast application.


Check out both of these magicians, who just happen to be blind:

Chad Allen

Justin Sight




Reid My Mind Radio: Accessibility Partners – Leveling the Playing Field

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

Dana Marlowe is working to make the world a more accessible place for all people with disabilities. While she focuses on digital, the results have lasting affects off-line. Hear all about her company, Accessibility Partners plus learn about her invigorating way of starting her day that doesn’t involve caffeine.


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#PennyPushUps2015 Day 22 – Tiffany’s Story: Always A Reason To Be Happy

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

For survivors of genetic cancers or disease, the decision to have or not have children can be a very sensitive subject. One thing is certain; the decision is personal and based on an individual’s experience.

“Life and Sight for Every Child”


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#PennyPushUps2015 Day 11 – Brian’s Story:Making the Choice

Friday, September 11th, 2015

It took 11 days, but finally we hear from the male perspective. (Ladies first, right?) Meet Brian, an adult RB survivor. Like many boys growing up with RB, a decision would have to be made about playing contact sports. This decision for Brian made a big impact on his life.

“Life and Sight for Every Child”


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Here’s What I’ve Been Up To

Monday, August 4th, 2014

It’s quite obvious that I haven’t been making the most of my personal blog lately. But what may not be as obvious is I have been turning out content. Most of that content has been on behalf of the Pennsylvania Council of the Blind. The content that has been the most fun for me is producing two very different audio projects.

First, there’s Talking Advocacy & Government or as we like to refer to it, TAG. This mostly quarterly podcast focuses on explaining various advocacy issues and appealing to listeners to take specific action   often to advance an issue or piece of legislation.

The second is a more lighthearted marketing tool known as the Convention Blast. These monthly pieces alternate between the written format and audio. The most fun of course is producing the audio extended commercials advertising the PCB State Convention & Conference, for which I am currently the Coordinator. These give me the chance to interview guest speakers or facilitators about their scheduled presentations. Sometimes I even have the chance to just get a little silly and have fun with the piece and include some musical productions.

This year, I was given the opportunity to speak publicly about my experience with Non 24 Hour Sleep Wake Disorder and the use of the drug Hetlioz. For those unaware of Non24, here’s a description from their website:

“People with Non-24 who are totally blind lack the light perception necessary to synchronize the circadian clock with the 24-hour day-night cycle.”

This caused me to experience extremely erratic sleep patterns for years – making it incredibly difficult for me to concentrate and remain awake during the day.

At some point I hope to share more of my experience, but for now I recommend learning more on Non 24 and Hetlioz. I would really appreciate anyone reading this to go on over to the PCB links mentioned above and take a listen to some of the available episodes. Help us spread the word about the current advocacy topics like HR4040-All about improving education for blind children, HR3749 – Legislation to enable people with low vision to access devices that will enable them to live independent lives or just get more on the upcoming PCB State Convention & Conference. I really had a fun time with the latest episode which features the Students Seminar being held during our convention to aid students with vision loss throughout their college years. If you by chance happen to be a “Hip Hop Head” check out how I put my own spin on “Impeach the President.” Oh no he didn’t! Truly, I did!