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Thanks to Ron from the Access Ability Blog Prozac Price, for providing me with the contact information for the owner of Blog Carnival.

The fact that the only reply received was from Denise, a customer support representative, Buy Prozac online no prescription, leads me to believe that upper management/owners may not be aware of the request to provide access.

Earlier this week I sent an email to the owner, Brad Rubenstein. I have not received any response so far, Prozac dangers.

I have also sent another email to Blog Carnival letting them know I have contacted Mr. Rubenstein, Prozac Price. While  the "official" response to date is not one that satisfies our community, Prozac wiki, we are still expecting due access.

If you are not satisfied with BC's response and do not want to tolerate blatant disrespect to the blind/disabilities community, then take a moment to write BC and Mr. Rubenstein, Prozac forum.

Here's my latest note to Denise from Blog Carnival followed by my note to Mr. Rubenstein...


----- Original Message -----

To: "Blog Carnival" <>

Prozac Price, Sent: Sunday, May 11, 2008 12:58 PM

Subject: Blind Community Wants Access

As I noted in my last email, I will continue to advocate for access to the
submission process via Blog Carnival.
Others in the community have expressed their commitment to do the same. Cheap Prozac,
Other Bloggers have taken on the issue and will continue not only to raise
the awareness of inaccessibility of visual only CAPTCHA, but the
discriminatory practice of simply deciding to ignore a community's request.
With the assistance of others in the community, we have determined that the
owner of Blog Carnival is Brad Rubenstein, what is Prozac.
I have contacted Mr. Rubenstein to be sure that he is aware of the
"official" response to date, Prozac Price. (See my note below)
It is still my hope that we can resolve this issue by implementing
additional CAPTCHA solutions such as;
It is not to late to let members of the blind and disabilities community
know that accessibility is important to your organization. Prozac reviews,
----- Original Message -----
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2008 2:34 PM
Subject: Blog Carnival - Message to Blind Community
Dear Mr, buy Prozac from mexico. Rubenstein,
It has come to my attention that you are listed as the owner of Blog
Carnival LLC. Prozac use,
Over the last two months, I and other advocates in the blind community have
sent numerous emails to your support team, in order to raise the issue of
inaccessibility of your submission form. The problem is your submission form
Prozac Price, requires users to complete a visual CAPTCHA. While we all understand the
importance of eliminating spam and malicious software, Prozac long term, the use of a visual
only CAPTCHA excludes people who are visually impaired and blind from
independently submitting both posts and requests to customer support.
You should be aware that the problem was escalated when no one in the
community received a response to any of the numerous emails submitted. Prozac price, coupon, The
message, whether intentional or not, was that the blind community was not
wanted at Blog Carnival.
This past Sunday, order Prozac online c.o.d, I received the first response from someone in your
organization named Denise. I have attached her original email along with my
response, Prozac Price.
She essentially stated that Blog Carnival does not intend to  rectify this
problem. Online buy Prozac without a prescription, If you research the complaints that were sent, several of us have
pointed out alternatives such as audio CAPTCHA and
I am asking that you, as the owner and ultimately the official voice of
Blog Carnival, Prozac class, commit to resolving this problem. You have the opportunity to
change the message that is currently circulating in not only the blind
community, Prozac for sale, but the disabilities community at large.
You should be aware that I will be posting this email to my blog by Sunday
5/11 for my weekly BC Update. I would like nothing more than to post an
update that reflects a positive message from your company, rather than those
that have been posted thus far.
I look forward to hearing from you.


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