Baby Talk Back

Here’s a doll for teaching children the “other” side of parenting.

Baby Talk Back.

This cute and sometimes loveable doll responds like a CWA, “Child With an Attitude.”
Ask the doll to do something, anything, watch how she doesn’t respond.

The doll asks questions and when you try to give her the answer to her question, she says in an annoying whining voice, “I know already!”

This doll can do it all,, suckher teeth, roll her eyes and of course talk back.



Ask her three times very politely to do her chore and sit back and watch as she:

  • Slams her hand on the counter
  • Stomps off in a CWA rage
  • In a very realistic voice speak the two most famous phrases;

I didn’t make the mess Why do I have to clean my room?
Janey doesn’t have to clean her room.

(This programmable doll even allows the user to choose the name of their choice.)


Purchase two and watch them argue with one another.

Now, put the doll in a corner for a half hour and sit back and watch it change into a beautiful loveable child.

C’mon Mattel and other toy manufacturer’s, holla at me.

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