Audio – Rapping Screen Readers


I always had a love and appreciation for music. I never formerly learned how to play an instrument outside of the recorder. (Maybe one day I’ll record my very soulful interpretation of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!)


I previously wrote about my use of audio as a way to capture memories ever since losing my sight.


Back in high school, I used to take multiple cassette players to create my own multi track recording. I knew nothing about 4 Track Recorders nor could I afford them at that time. I knew about sampling machines, but once again, no dinero!


In 2005 I began playing with an accessible sound editor called Gold Wave. This was a lot of fun, but made me long for access to a multi-track digital audio workstation (DAW). I think I was longing for that feeling of creating a finished product from an idea like when I was young.


I heard of some blind musicians using a program called Cakewalk and some customized scripts that provided access to the program.


I couldn’t really justify the cost of the program for something that was not even a hobby. Along comes the Reaper! No, not that guy dressed in a hooded black robe waiting to take me to the afterlife. I’m talking about Reaper – an affordable multi track digital audio workstation that thanks to a developer featured an accessibility component for screen reader users.


I’ve been playing with this program to do various productions including TAG (Talking Advocacy & Government), and even a fun song with my daughters. (Big thanks to my girls for giving me permission to post this song – OMG, what a fun time!)


One of the most difficult things about producing for me is finding the right voice for the job. As my experience tells me, it’s often best to use whatever you have at your disposal.


The inspiration for this latest project was literally at my fingertips.


So here it is, check out the Screen Reader Rap.

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