Amazon Kindle vs. Victor Reader Stream

Let me first say, I believe every consumer electronic product should be made accessible for all. No one community should be relegated to a specific brand or device based on a characteristic. There should not be computers, mp3 players or microwaves “for the blind.” These products and others should simply be universally designed with all people able to operate.


The recent buzz about the Amazon Kindle got me thinking, would such a product, if made accessible cause a mass migration of specialty device users. Would blind people abandon their Victor Reader Stream or other DAISY Players, for a Kindle?


Reading the product page for the Kindle 2.0, I am not convinced I would cheat on Vicky. (Yes, I call my Victor Reader Stream Vicky – Read a prior post for explanation.)


However, if the folks at HumanWare are concerned, well, maybe Vicky needs to spice it up a bit, make herself a little sexier in order  to make sure this relationship stays fresh and exciting. While I would  obviously prefer a software upgrade, some of the features below may indeed require new hardware, let’s call her Vicky 2.0. So, Humanware, think about this list as you watch the Petition to make the Amazon Kindle Accessible grow with signatures.


My Feature List for the Victor Reader Stream 2.0:


  • A Clock – preferably with multiple alarm settings –I recently destroyed my watch, since I always have my Vicky, seems to make sense.
  • Built in Wi-fi – I know The Kindle has Free 3G. But we’re still talking about Access Technology, let’s be realistic!
  • Bluetooth – I want to eliminate the headphone cable.
  • Fully functioning Browser – Navigating a web page can be similar to navigating a DAISY book
  • Direct Download for;
    • NLS
    • Audible
    • Amazon mp3

(Again, Kindle gets her books in 60 seconds!)

  • Podcasts via built in ppodcatcher
  • Skype for internet phone calls – Remember the built in Microphone
  • Synchronizable Calendar and To Do List


Ok, I know I made this more into a mobile PC than just a DAISY Reader, but it’s all about the features in 2009!


It hurts me to think this way but, if Amazon’s Kindle or some other mainstream product offered such features, well I may just have to two time Vicky.

3 Responses to “Amazon Kindle vs. Victor Reader Stream”

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  2. Jake says:

    I will definitely sign the petition. However, I don’t own an mp3 player or any PDA now. I do, however, have Klango. If you’ve not heard of this, you absolutely have got to go check it out! Judging from the demonstrations I’ve heard, I think Klango’s media capabilities are very similar to iTunes and perhaps some of the other popular music services. I’d also like to promote my new blog, which may be accessed by clicking on my name. I’m pretty sure this will be permanent, but it is currently in beta. It allows for comments from users of Klango as well as others I think, whereas my other blog on Klango does not. That one is going to be integrated into the new one.

  3. T.Reid says:

    Jake, I will check out this service and I’m looking forward to your blog!