A Weekend of Embracing Change

The 2011 PCB State Convention & Conference theme was “Embracing Change”. Throughout the weekend we had the chance to see this in action.


A new administration was voted in which included President, Tony Swartz, yours truly as PCB First Vice President and Second Vice President Sue Lichtenfels.


The organization is going through several other changes and we definitely have our work cut out for us. I’m really looking forward to this opportunity to help grow the organization. It’s not that often in life that we have a chance to impact both individuals and an organizations direction and future.


As I discussed here several years ago, my first convention was a great learning experience filled with information and emotion.


It was the first time on a large scale being around others with varying degrees of vision loss. Interacting with people with multiple disabilities who were living active independent lifestyles. Meeting men and women who committed themselves to advocating for those with vision loss.


Following my first convention, I had the opportunity to work on the Planning Committee and help develop and implement the convention program.


Although I served in various roles throughout the years, this year bloomed new experiences


As Co-Chair of this year’s committee, I had a new level of responsibility. This year I added several new duties to the list including assuring the meeting stayed on schedule, all dealings with the hotel management and in general making sure the convention was a success.


I was also very fortunate to be able to help acclimate a new MCCB member and help assure she was able to get the most out of the experience.


Unfortunately, I have seen individuals attend a convention and never really get the full set of understandings and lessons available. They choose to only participate in the social aspects, for example, and then later question why they didn’t know about a particular issue or a new piece of helpful technology.


The social opportunities are great too. I enjoyed some fun times hanging out with other members in the hotel bar. You get to see an inside into their personality that you may have never seen before.


The weekend was long and exhausting. It was just Perfect!

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